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Unscented Moustache Wax

Unscented Moustache Wax

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Squire Wood's Unscented Moustache Wax (30ml.)  Squire Wood's Unscented Moustache Wax (30ml.)

Executive Neckwear is proud to offer the Squire Wood's Moustache Wax line to our clients. Squire Wood's Moustache Wax is an all-natural wax, manufactured in small artisan batches right here in Canada's Capital. The team at Squire Wood's offer a high quality product that will please discriminating customers seeking both great control of their look while honoring environmental responsibility. Each product is hand-made and hand packaged using only the finest quality materials and methods. Add a 30ml. tin to your cart today, you'll be happy you did. Squire Wood's Moustache Wax is great in Movember and ALL year long! All Squire Wood's Moustache waxes are: all natural, made without chemicals, additives, scents, or petroleum products. Lanolin provides great conditioning.

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