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Tie Storage '101'

When it comes to the Proper Storage of your Ties or Tie Storage in general there are two widely accepted methods for the correct storage of your ties, these are:

  Hanging your Tie

  Rolling your Tie

But which Tie Storage method is better?

Does one tie storage method outperform the other?

The fabrics used in the construction of a good tie (most often Silks) are delicate and these fabrics are impressionable so it is imperative to take good care of your ties if you wish to extend both their life and look.

Let's have a look at the two ways to keep your ties looking great.

Hanging your Tie

It may seem obvious, but hanging your Tie (unknotted) on a tie rack helps to relieve your Ties fibers from stress and helps keep the Tie from wrinkling. Hanging your ties on a properly designed tie rack or tie hook will ensure your tie not only looks good ahead of wearing it again but will also extend the life of your tie(s).

Just like Tie Boxes (to be covered later), Tie Racks are an affordable means of storing your Ties and many Tie Racks cost less than 1/2 the cost of a good tie (i.e., $10.00 - $25.00) and will pay you big dividends versus the small investment. Also, to further reduce the effects of wrinkling, never wear the same tie two days in a row. By rotating your tie selection daily you'll not only change up the look of a crisp shirt and jacket but provide time for the fibers in yesterday's tie to relax over time.

Rolling your Tie

Many of the finer Men's clothing stores sell or will (at least) recommend where you may get a nice Tie Box. These specially designed boxes are made from either fabric or wood and offer you a series of small compartments where rolled ties can be stored effectively.

While Tie Boxes are typically not that expensive (ranging in cost from about $8.00 to $99.00) depending upon the materials they are constructed from (i.e., fabric or wood) many Men elect to forgo the added cost of purchasing a Tie Box to keep their ties looking their best, and just roll their ties and store them in either a shoe or cigar box.

Incidentally, if you own knit ties, Rolling is the ONLY way to properly store and keep your knit tie looking great. Hanging a knit tie will stretch the tie.

Rolling your Ties and keeping them is a tie box or drawer will also protect your ties from light that can fade the colors of your ties over time.

So is one Tie Storage method better than the other?

Well it appears that the jury is still out on that, although we assure you, if you store your ties carefully using either of the methods outlined above your Ties will provide you with years of service and you'll continue to look great!

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